Dr. Vintage Humbucker Pickups

Wolfetone’s Dr. Vintage pickups were developed to provide a vintage sound in modern reissue guitars. Designed to have an output and tone of normal-level P.A.Fs, they provide a clear, warm & balanced tone, that allows your guitar’s true voice to be heard.

Built with an exacting wind and Alnico-2 magnets that have been individually tested to meet specific criteria. All the components of the Dr. Vintage pickups are carefully developed to work together to give your modern guitar a true vintage sound and musical ‘feel’. Dr. Vintage pickup sets are available with two different neck pickup options: Normal, and a special neck pickup wind designed to ‘warm up’ very bright-sounding guitars. 8.05k bridge, 7.5k neck recommended for most guitars, or 7.7k neck for extremely bright guitars.

This set has the two pairs of wires per pickup so you can choose whether you wire them in, or out of phase. Provided with Nickel covers.

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