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Replacement guitar nut

The nut of a guitar creates a vital tonal connection between the body and the and strings. It is super important that this small piece of bone is correctly crafted, both for sound and playability of the guitar.

It still shocks me that big guitar makers are shipping £500 plus guitars with a plastic nut, or nuts that aren’t properly created for the specific guitar.  A guitar nut should never be made of plastic, but ideally bone or similar hard and tonally active material.

On all guitars, I treat nut-making as an art, which rarely takes me less than 2 hours.

This time goes to ensuring that the nut’s fit to the slot is perfect, that the radius of the strings and heights to the first fret are perfectly even and set to a height which has optimal playability without any buzz. Unless otherwise specified, I match guitar nuts to the original profile and finish to 2000 grit sandpaper and polish to a high gloss.

Please don’t ask me to put a shim under a nut or saddle 😉

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