Marshallhead Humbucker Pickups

Stunning, handwound pickups made by Wolfe Macleod in the US.

Raw, in-your-face, distinctive Alnico-5 hot P.A.F attitude. With an upper-midrange punch and sizzling – not harsh – high end, they’ll deliver the power to cut through. The Marshallhead pickups were brought about by the desire for a pickup that captures more of the “overwound” original 59 P.A.F pickups without sacrificing clarity, detail and that great P.A.F “honk”. A bright, yet fat and clear top end compliments a cello like bottom and hollow honky midrange so unique to the 50’s originals. Using plain enamel wire, Alnico 5 magnets, no wax potting and a special winding process, the Marshallhead pickups have really raised the bar on the hotter P.A.F type winds. The bridge is 9k and neck is 8.2k.

The set we sell is black without covers, with covers available on request. The pickups have 2 pairs of wires per pickup, so you can choose whether to wire in, or out of phase.

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